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UK Break Dance History (Breaking, BBoy, BGirl)

Posted on 18 Feb, 2022

UC Crew is committed to uncovering the UK Break Dance History (Breaking/BBoy/BGirl History) we particularly focus on Break Dancing in Merseyside but we occasionally uncover stories and evidence of breaking in other areas of the UK.

This week we discovered an article about a crew of Newcastle Break Dancers/Breakers/BBoys from Tyneside who fundraised £35 (£113 in today’s economy) for the Bradford Fire Disaster by performing their Breaking moves in public.

The article and photo from the 29th May 1985 - Newcastle Evening Chronicle features David Glass, Marcus Owens, Arnold Williams, John Head, Nick Peacock and Anthony Jones

Newcastle Break Dancing

We also discovered an advert in the Janury 18th 1985 Grantham Journal for Break Dancing Classes. which they called body popping and body breaking classes at the Dianeric Dancentre in Grantham.

Grantham Break Dance Class