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Workshops for schools

UC Crew have a wide range of dance, arts, Hip Hop and social action workshops for schools

Our workshops are perfect for primary, secondary, college and university students, as we’re able to offer workshops that link directly towards a subject that the students are currently learning or relate to workshops to an awareness project that your are planning. I.e. Multicultural Week, Student Volunteers Week, Black History Month and Hip Hop History Month.

Our workshop will help students to advance their understanding of subject such as:

  • Music by learning how to count beats and scratch through DJing

  • Appreciation of the piano/keyboard through 90’s Hip Hop music projects

  • Poetry and writing skills through Rapping

  • Art by learning Graffiti Art techniques and creating murals

  • Community Citizenship through Hip Hop Social Action Projects

  • Hip Hop Community Values through Hip Hop Social Action Projects

  • Balance and coordination through Circus Skills

  • Drawing skills through Computer Game Graffiti

  • Physical Fitness / Dance through Breaking

  • Olympic Games through Breaking