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Workshops for dance schools

Are your dance students getting a little unmotivated, attendance slipping or just need some new dance moves, tricks, spins and freezes to create high flying performances and win competitions?

If the answer is yes, we can provide a variety of Breaking (Break Dance), Popping, Street Dance, Hip hop theatre and duo workshops for you, with our team of experienced dance coaches.

Our workshops are guaranteed to give your students the confidence, skills, understanding and safe working practices to become awesome happy dancers, who can show off their impressive dance moves to friends, family and competition judges.

We offer a variety or workshops or can create a workshop bespoke to your needs:

  • Beginner Breaking Workshop

  • Breaking Moves for Street Dancers Workshop

  • Breaking Tricks, Freezes and Power Moves Workshop

  • Breaking Top Rock Styles Workshop

  • Breaking Routines and Duo Workshop

  • Break Games Workshops 4-6 year olds