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Trustees' Week Celebration 4th - 10th November

Posted on 04 Nov, 2021

Trustees’ Week Celebration 4th - 10th November

UC Crew celebrates Trustees’ Week with a special cake at an awareness-raising event.

Young people are hugely under-represented on charity boards in England and Wales. Although 18-24-year-olds represent 12% of the total adult population, this age group makes up just a fraction (0.5%) of the trustee population across the two countries. Out of a total of over 810,000 trustees in England and Wales, only 4,220 are aged under 24.  

UC Crew urges more young people to become trustees, - visit https://trusteesweek.org/ for more information about how to get involved in being a trustee in your area.

From the St Helens Star Article