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St Helens Graffiti Art Project - Children, Older People and Dementia

Posted on 23 Aug, 2021

UC Crew brought the St Helens Graffiti Art Project to Madison Court Care Home in Parr, St Helens. Its main aim was to be an intergenerational project, which would bring together children, older people and people with dementia to create a positive and uplifting graffiti art mural that would support the residents of Madison Court Care Home to encourage residents to take part in recreational gardening activities outdoors.

The project raised awareness and educating children about dementia and older peoples health issues, whilst children taught residents about the cultural roots of Hip Hop, its African American & Latino origins and graffiti art.

Older residents of Madison Court Care Home were involved in providing ideas, artwork, suggestions and themes for the feature wall, which would be the backdrop for the wheelchair accessible fruit and vegetable allotment.

Staff and volunteers from the care home worked tirelessly to prepare the wall ready for intergenerational work with children and older residents.

A resident with dementia and junior graffiti artist pose for a photo (Glasses are worn when spray painting)

We commissioned Sie Daly from Kingsyze Graffiti Art to design a mural based on the ideas of the staff and residents for the fruit and vegetable allotment.

Sie was brilliant at representing UC Crew by mentoring our junior graffiti artists and local residents on how to use spray paint to create art, as well as educating everyone about Hip Hop roots, being creative and the difference between graffiti art and vandalism.

Parr Graffiti Art - Junior Graffiti Artist

The graffiti art mural took half a day to complete with support from our junior graffiti artist team, care home staff and residents. Everyone reported they had a brilliant time helping out and learnt so much from the discussions.

Parr Graffiti Art by UC Crew
Parr Graffiti Art at Madison Court Care Home - UC Crew
Parr Graffiti Art at Madison Court Care Home
Parr Graffiti Art at Madison Court Care Home