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St Helens Dance & Hip Hop Festival to honour the Queens Jubilee

Posted on 31 Aug, 2022

On Sunday 5th June 2022, Children and Young People from St Helens created a St Helens Dance & Hip Hop Festival to honour the Queen’s Jubilee at St Helens Sea Cadets. It was called the Jubilee Jam.

St Helens Jubilee Jam - St Helens Dance Festival

We received funding from the Community Foundation for Lancashire & Merseyside and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to work with children/young people to develop a creative programme of arts activities to celebrate the Queens Jubilee, which was meaningful for them.

It had to bring communities together, involve artists, create new arts opportunities, involve young people and celebrate the arts.

Check out what we did below:

Graffiti Art Classes in St Helens and Earlestown

We provided pop up Jubilee Graffiti Art classes shopping centres for families to get involved with.

St Helens Dance Class in St Helens Library

St Helens Libraries hosted classes and performances featuring St Helens Dancers, on their tour of the borough before the Jubilee Jam event.

The St Helens Jubilee Jam attracted hundreds of people from across St Helens, Merseyside, Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, Nuneaton, Manchester and Wales to participate in our Jubilee celebration to honour the Queens through youth arts and Hip Hop culture.

Young people were involved in competing, performing, DJing, organising, producing artwork, filming, editing, hosting and choreographing.

DJing Classes in St Helens

Regular DJing classes took place in the evenings to give teenagers the skills and knowledge to perform in public during our St Helens Jubilee tour and at the Jubilee Jam.

Graffiti Art Class in Newton-le-Willows
Hope Academy Graffiti Art

Secondary school pupils from Outwood Academy Haydock and Hope Academy - Newton-le-Willows attended a graffiti art programme to produce Jubilee ArtWork that toured St Helens as a mobile exhibition, their artwork was presented in Earlestown town centre, St Helens town centre, the Jubilee Jam and local libraries.

Check out the video here: https://youtube.com/shorts/9eS_WqGYPgs

St Helens Libraries Art Class - Jubilee Graffiti Art

Family-friendly Jubilee classes received a warm welcome on our tour of St Helens Libraries, with younger children enjoying the colouring in sheets and teenagers exploring graffiti art techniques to create their own masterpieces.

Graffiti Art Class in Haydock

Senior school pupils attended advanced workshops as part of the graphic design club to explore colour matching, styles and shadowing techniques.

Jubilee Dancers
Jubilee Dancers

Young people from St Helens dance schools, clubs and groups attended free Break Dance (Breaking) classes with UC Crew to prepare them for the competition and to perform in front of a large audience.

Hip Hop Dance Classes in St Helens

Children from local primary schools and clubs attended afterschool routine workshops to learn a special Jubilee routine for the Jubilee event.