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Moss Bank, St Helens - Street Art Mural and Graffiti Art Project

Posted on 24 Apr, 2022

Moss Bank, St Helens - Street Art/Graffiti Mural

During the St Helens Half-Term Holidays children, young people and families attended a Street Art and Graffiti Art Mural to learn more about Hip Hop Culture, the difference between vandalism and graffiti art, make new friends and raise awareness about all the activities that take place in Moss Bank for children and young people.

The young people worked with Sie from Kingsyze to create a promotional street art mural for Park Farm ACYP as well as practicing can control, sketching and shading at the workshop.

We learnt that the young people’s favourite youth activities/clubs in Moss Bank/Clinkham Wood are:

Park Farm Community Centre - Youth Club

Moss Bank Library

St Helens Rocks

Boat House Activity Centre

KL Dance

To join our next St Helens Hip Hop Class or Graffiti Art Class, please join our events and activities list TODAY to find out before the general public.

We want to say a big thanks to all of our funders and supporters Community Foundation for Merseyside, Merseyside VRP and St Helens Council.

Moss Bank, St Helens - Street Art/Graffiti Art Mual