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Is a Boys Dance class a Break Dance Class (Breaking Class)?

Posted on 04 Nov, 2021

A boys dance class is typically run by dance schools as a way to recruit more boys into the dance environment.

The boy’s dance class is usually a street dance or Hip Hop choreography dance class just for boys, which would feature combined routine movements of street dance, locking, popping, breaking, Hip Hop and pop culture dances seen on music videos.

Dancers in a Boys Dance class would generally dance to pop, R&B, hip hop, popping and breakbeat music depending on the experience and interests of the dance teacher.

A Breaking Class is for boys and girls, with both sexes welcomed to participate and learn, in the UK there are more male breaking teachers than female teachers.

A Breaking dance class is focused on teaching students movements that fit into the dance categories of Top Rock, Drops, Footwork, Power moves, Freezes and Tricks, there are hundreds of breaking moves and variations for a dancer to learn.

Students of a Breaking class will learn Breaking routines but not mix dance styles, they learn how to battle, freestyle, work on team moves and floorcraft (How to move around the floor).

Dancers at a class would dance to breaking music, which meets the 4 beat requirements; the music genre ranges from breakbeats, funk, soul, rock and Hip Hop.