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How Break Dancing helped St Helens Tennis Players to win!

Posted on 21 Jul, 2023

You may think how on earth does Break Dancing help Tennis Players improve their game or win matches? They’re nothing alike, Breaking known as Break Dancing doesn’t even involve balls or rackets.

We agree that it’s difficult to draw a direct correlation between Break Dancing (Breaking) and tennis, as they are very different activities with different physical demands and skills. However, there are some ways in which Break Dancing (Breaking) could help improve aspects of tennis performance.

Physical conditioning: Break Dancing (Breaking) is a highly physical activity that requires strength, endurance and agility. These are the same physical attributes that are important for tennis, particularly for movement around the court, explosive power and endurance. Which is very similar to how Breakers use their physical condition during a competitive battle.

Coordination and balance: Break Dancing (Breaking) requires a high level of coordination, balance and being able to move in unnatural positions. The skills of good coordination and balance are essential for tennis, particularly for hitting accurate shots and moving around the court with speed and agility. Tennis players often have to hit the ball in unnatural positions to avoid the opposition scoring points.

Mental agility: Break Dancing (Breaking) involves quick thinking and the ability to improvise on the spot, particularly when battling a new opponent. This type of mental agility can also be useful for tennis players, who need to be able to think quickly and make split-second decisions on the court.

Creativity and expression: Break Dancing (Breaking) is a creative and expressive art/sport that encourages individuality and self-expression. This type of mindset can also be helpful for tennis players, who need to be able to improvise and think outside the box during a match and training.

Overall, while Break Dancing (Breaking) may not be directly related to tennis, there are ways in which the physical and mental skills developed through Break Dancing (Breaking) could help improve aspects of tennis performance for players who are looking for an additional activity to provide them with a competitive edge and unfair advantage.

Over the 19 years that Powered by Hip Hop (UC Crew) has coached athletes, we have seen many go on to play tennis successfully at local clubs in St Helens, such as Eccleston Tennis Club and across England.