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Graffiti Art with Mill Green School

Posted on 15 Apr, 2022

UC Crew introduces young people from Mill Green SEN School based in Parr to Graffiti Art.

We had an amazing time working with eighty young people to create vibrant and colourful planters on the school grounds.

The young people were thrilled to learn the history of graffiti art, the difference between graffiti vs vandalism, the well-being benefits of adopting graffiti art as a hobby, graffiti art’s relationship with Hip Hop and what UC Crew / Powered by Hip Hop does in St Helens.

Students identified a theme, planters, colours and designs for their class planter.

Each class worked with Sie from Kingsyze to learn drawing techniques in the classroom to help them sketch meaningful words, using shading, angles and pictures.

Each student had the chance to use learn spray painting outside on the planters, following clear instructions from our workshop teacher and wearing PPE.

The students found the process of using spray paint tricky but rewarding, as they had the power to make something beautiful at their school.

The students learnt that learning a Hip Hop hobby such as Breaking (Break Dance) or Graffiti with UC Crew / Powered by Hip Hop would help them to make friends, socialise with others and stay away from trouble on the streets.

The Community Foundation for Merseyside and Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership funded the young people’s workshops to provide everyone with the opportunity to get involved.

The aim of our Hip Hop Shield Project is to provide activities to engage young people in diversionary activities away from crime/anti-social behaviour or avoid being a victim of crime/anti-social behaviour by attending safe youth activities.