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Break Dancing in Southport with UC Crew / Powered by Hip Hop

Posted on 19 Feb, 2022

Young people from St Helens have been attending Breaking (Break Dance) classes with UC Crew at Haydock Conservative Club funded by Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership.

The Breaking routine classes have been fun and exciting, as the young people from Haydock have worked hard to learn acrobatic break dance moves, work as a team and focus all their energy on creating a performance to represent St Helens in Southport at the prestigious Atkinson Arts Centre.

The Community Foundation for Merseyside and Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnerships funded the young people’s workshops, portable music speaker, volunteer expenses and room hire to provide everyone with the opportunity to get involved.

The aim of our Hip Hop Shield Project is to provide activities to engage young people in diversionary activities away from crime/anti-social behaviour or avoid being a victim of crime/anti-social behaviour by attending safe youth activities.