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Best Community Centres in St Helens for Events

Posted on 22 Nov, 2022

We always get asked if can we recommend the best community centres in St Helens to host events and fundraisers, as we have been performing our Break Dancing shows and DJing/Graffiti workshops for 15 years across the borough.

The list below is some of the community centres and halls that we can have enjoyed with website information:

Chain Lane Community Centre - https://www.communitycentres.org.uk/community-centres/chain-lane-community-centre/ (Blackbrook)

A large hall with a solid floor, PA system, computer games room, accessible toilets, kitchen, car parking, mats, soft play equipment and bouncy castles can be used inside the venue.

Derbyshire Hill Family Centre - https://www.communitycentres.org.uk/community-centres/derbyshire-hill-family-and-community-centre/ (Parr)

A medium-sized hall off Derbyshire Hill Road in Parr, the venue has its own car park, cafe/kitchen, parents’ viewing area, small community rooms, reception desk, accessible toilets and garden area. The venue is managed by volunteers and suggests contacting them by visiting the building on a weekend in the morning/afternoon as they currently don’t have a telephone number.

Deafness Resource Centre - https://www.deafnessresourcecentre.org/

A huge hall in Dentons Green and on the edge of St Helens town centre, the venue offers accessible toilets, kitchen, cafe, wide stage, PA system, pool table, tennis table, wi-fi and will hold 150 people.

Haydock Conservative Club - https://www.haydockcc.com/ (Haydock)

The main hall is huge will a beautiful wooden floor, bar, accessible toilets, car parking and PA system.

Newton BGC - https://www.facebook.com/newtonbgc/ (Earlestown)

Newton BGC has a large hall perfect for events or activities, as well as a large cafe area, the youth club venue also has a kitchen/cafe, DJ booth, car park, accessible toilets, pool table, music room, computer games room and more. It’s the perfect venue for an activity that is to appeal to children, teens or families.

Park Farm Community Centre - https://parkfarmcommunitycentre.co.uk/ (Moss Bank)

A community centre has a large sports hall and stage, which is perfect for events. The venue has its own car park, kitchen/cafe area, community notice board and active social media presence to help promote your event.

The Peter Street Centre - https://www.peterstreet.co.uk/ (Dentons Green)

The venue offers a large modern hall with high ceilings suitable for bouncy castles and sports, it has accessible toilets, a large car park, kitchen, tables and chairs.

St Helens Sea Cadets - https://www.sea-cadets.org/sthelens (Town Centre)

St Helens Sea Cadets offers one of the largest halls in St Helens with a wooden floor, the venue has a kitchen, toilets and car parking outside its main door. There are public car parks on Mill Street and Birchley street which are close to the venue.

Tunzas Pride - https://www.facebook.com/tunzaspride/ (Windle)

Large multipurpose hall, astroturf floor, stage for performances, PA system, accessible toilets, car parking, bar and cafe.